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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always here to answer your questions. Below are just a couple we hear regularly. After you review our website, if you have more, please contact us.

If I go to a chiropractor once, do I always have to go?

If you can stay healthy without visiting a chiropractor, then you don’t have to continue your visits. Chiropractic helps find the root of your problem and corrects it.

If we catch your problem in time and can completely correct it, then you may not need ongoing maintenance care. However, sometimes our patients allow their problems to get so advanced before they finally seek chiropractic care for it that degeneration or permanent damage may occur. When this happens it is sometimes necessary to keep an eye on this through occasional checkups to ensure that the problem isn’t returning once we get it stable.

To maintain your progress, it’s good to visit your chiropractor as recommended. But the choice is totally yours. Our goal is to get you feeling great and staying that way.

Will the adjustment hurt?

Dr. Beasley says, “If it hurts for you to touch it, it’ll hurt for me to touch it too”. But none of our treatments or procedures will make you uncomfortable or feel worse. Chiropractic care is like starting a new exercise routine. In rare cases, it may feel sore at the beginning. This will only be a temporary phase and will make you feel healthier and stronger in the long run

Nothing we do will worsen your condition. Our focus is YOU and we’ll always go that extra mile to ensure you are at ease when you are undergoing treatment with us.

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