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Weight Loss in Covington

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Our all natural system can help you lose weight and keep it off

We’ve made a huge addition to our practice that is already changing the lives of many of our patients. In treating patients through the years, we’ve been very blessed with the levels of success we have had. While most all of our patients have experienced great results through Chiropractic, they still suffered from many OTHER problems. Some of these problems include fatigue, poor sleep, lack of energy, hormonal problems, digestive issues, diabetes, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, cholesterol, toxicity problems, and most of all, issues with weight.

All of these problems can usually be traced back to an imbalanced body chemistry. So, it became clear to Dr. Beasley that many of his patients were in desperate need of a real, long-term solution for their Body Chemistry and Weight Loss Issues.

Dr. Beasley explains, “While I’ve had training on weight loss as a healthcare practitioner, I had never really found a long-lasting solution for my patients’ weight and body chemistry issues. That is, until I Implemented our current system! Mainly because everything that I had researched or heard about until now had been a fad, a gimmick, a starvation ‘diet’, or only gave temporary results, if any!”


Comprehensive, All-Natural System

Patients need a weight loss or body rejuvenation program that is tailor-made for them by a healthcare practitioner. Your body is not like everyone else’s… and there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” diet. Those just don’t work. You have specific, individual needs. The system we utilize is not a “diet”, has no shots, no drugs, no “magic potions” and because it is designed to return YOUR body to its normal chemistry, it will work for everyone that follows the steps.

Unable To Lose Weight? Or Worse – Lose It Only To Gain It Back?

Have you tried many “diets” and other methods of losing weight only to find that it just didn’t seem to work for you? This is because to permanently change your weight loss problems you must do two things:

  • You must first change your current habits and what you currently put into your body. You can’t continue to do the things you have been doing and expect a different outcome. There quite simply is no quick fix or “magic pill or potion” that will permanently fix your weight problem. Ultimately, regardless of what positive changes you make today, you still have to deal with the years or decades of changes to your body that your habits have created. So…
  • You must “reboot” or “reprogram” your body Chemistry in order for any changes you make to result in long term correction. After all, it is your body’s chemical makeup and the chemical toxicities and deficiencies that create the HABITS, SYMPTOMS and CRAVINGS that you are attempting to change. A constant battle with these habits and cravings is a very difficult task and one that most cannot sustain for long. That’s why we get frustrated and hit that wall we all know about and eventually rebound back to our old unhealthy state. When you return the body to the proper chemical proportions then it will begin to function as it was designed. And then, if you are like our current patients, you be amazed at how much better you look and feel.

Three Primary Reasons You Have Been Unable To Reach Your Weight Goals

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Let us show you how to help your body work the way it was designed

1. Toxic Fat Stores

Most of the toxins that you consume end up in your liver. To protect your body from these toxins, your liver stores it in fat cells and deposits it throughout your body, primarily around your mid-section (resulting in stubborn belly fat). Your body tags these fat cells so that you cannot burn it through diet or exercise. This keeps the toxins from being released again. So, as long as the toxins are present, this is weight you will not lose. That is unless you first use an effective detoxification program. All of our weight loss programs utilize a very effective all natural detoxification program, causing the body to easily shed the fat that had been storing the toxins. In other words, we know how to address this!

2. Emergency Fat Stores

Due to all of the toxins, artificial chemicals, and processed ingredients in most people’s diet, our digestive systems are basically stripped clean of the enzymes needed to properly digest our food. This is why no matter what you eat or even if you take vitamins, you still don’t see a significant positive change. In this state, you get very little nutrition from your food, leading your body to think you are starving. As a result of this perceived starvation, it will store every bit of fat that it possibly can. And until you properly repair your digestive system, your body will continue to store fat for a “rainy day”.

This results in two very negative things. First, since you are getting very little energy from your food, your body will constantly crave caffeine and sugar as a source of temporary energy. Secondly, because this fat has been stored as an emergency reserve, it is very difficult for you to burn it through diet or exercise. All of our weight loss programs utilize all natural, completely organic supplements to rebuild your digestive system. In other words, we know how to address this too!

3. Fat Burning Hormones

Your body already contains six fat burning hormones that are responsible for burning excess fat and maintaining a healthy weight. However, these hormones will only work properly if you have a relatively normal healthy body chemistry. Unfortunately, due to the chemicals and toxins in today’s foods, virtually no one has a healthy body chemistry. Most “diets” and weight loss programs do nothing to free up these fat burning hormones and get you to lose weight through stimulants, suppressants and drugs. Therefore to keep the weight off you have to keep taking the drugs. All of our programs work to balance your delicate body chemistry. This releases the hormones to do their job and burn the fat away. They accomplish this without you starving yourself to death or by hyper aggressive exercise. In other words, we know how to address this too!


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